Thursday, January 28, 2010

The real deal for my own scrapbook

Time for my book - not a gift for someone else, but for me! I'm scrapping (in no particular order) my life since singlehood. Here are two pages - both from my Aug.09 roadtrip to Kelowna and Vancouver...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am really enjoying the digital scrapping experience. I have to start scrapping my own life - going back to February 2007 when my new life as a single woman began. Can't start back then, though, I am starting with my summer vacation last year. Two week roadtrip from home to the west coast of Vancouver. And of course, several days in Kelowna with my Mom and Dad. I did this layout 8 1/2 x 11, I'm not sure why... my album is 12 x 12! I will just have to expand or redo it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Party party party...

Jamie and Adam's wedding scrapbook is a combo of paper and digital. I decided the reception would be all digital, so did the following pages for her. Not a lot of style - just working on getting a large number of photos onto each page.

My family's page - my Mom, one of my brothers, and the nieces and their spouses and babies...

The groom's family and friends:
Jamie's father's page:
And finally - a fun silly series of the bride and groom... Adam was very tolerant about dressing him up after a few rum's :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Settling in at BMQ

My dear son is into week 2 of his military training. He's received his kit, and is currently sewing name labels on every article of clothing. Good thing I taught that man how to mend! And - he has purchased the 5x7 frame he's allowed to have on his shelf. He asked me for some pics to swap out, so here's what I did. I'm loving SU's My Digital Studio - got to make these pages, and then sent to Walmart to print for a whole 97 cents each. Now I'm off to the post office with his package.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 --- something to say!

I've raved about this site to my family and friends before - an awareness campaign complete with blog by the lovely inside and out Jessica Grossman. If you want to learn about life with an ostomy, this is the place.

Today's journal entry is written by a friend/ex-boyfriend of Jess, who is giving his perspective. As a single woman, of course the eventual desire to date will grab me - and along with the usual insecurities of sharing myself with someone, the extra "what will he think of an ostomy". Here is Mike's perspective. Sounds like quite a guy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Digital Scrapping

My first digital album - Jamie and Adam's wedding. Here are a few pages from the 15-page album I've created for my parents and myself.

I love this photo series - so fun! Taken the morning of their wedding in downtown Victoria, a great way to start the day in a fun way, no nervous bride and groom here.
Jamie loves the dancing in the square shot, and i just adore the middle shot. And the pair of coolsters, I love that shot too.
The ceremony - in the library at Abigail's hotel. They left the library decorated from Christmas, all in coppers and bronzes, Jamie's favourite. They said it looked beautiful.
Love this LO I borrowed from Days - love the row of flowers.
And of course, I had to include a bride page - my baby girl, wearing the birdcage veil and fastenator I made her. The center of the flower is a combo of pearls and crystals... the crystals came from my mama, from an old old necklace she had. Another treasure, the little pearl sprays from a dear friend, intermingled with the feathers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lowe

Adam and those big brown eyes that Jamie just melts in. Serious moments and fun giggly moments, an equal blend of each makes for some good lovin'.

The couple traveled to Victoria, BC for their wedding/honeymoon. They had a day of fun, walking around the waterfront and through the shops, followed by their wedding day and then two days for a honeymoon.
Just the two of them on their own. As Adam said when they called me, "the day was all about just us". What a beautiful way to start their life as husband and wife....

Lori Hawrychuk of Lori Hawrychuk Photography, recommended by my friend Arlene, has taken amazing photos of these two, capturing wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Thanks so much Lori!!!
More pics to follow of the party I threw for Jamie and Adam when they got home - lots of fun had by all!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Countdown begins..

My daughter will be married in three days - oh my goodness! She and her fiance are going away on their own, and coming home for a party for family and friends on Saturday. I've been using my event planning skills and my craftiness preparing for this one. I made a couple goodies for Jamie (earrings and birdcage veil). And the party favours are done - filled with jelly belly.