Sunday, June 6, 2010

Etsy Store Now Open

Finally did it - after being in a trade fair in Irricana last weekend I posted a few unsold items in my new etsy store. So exciting after thinking about it for so long and finally doing it. I have been spending my time playing with beads and paper mostly, and a wee bit of yarn in the form of crocheted flowers at the request of my scrappin' friend Eryn. She intends to use stamping inks to colour white flowers - can hardly wait to see the finished results!

I have sold a dozen of the following cards to the lovely Unwind Yarn and Fibre Lounge in Gibson, BC, of course keeping with the fibre theme for the store:

And here is my newest passion - Paper Quilling. I will be adding a line of cards embellished with quilled little lovelies like these feet, and I'll also be selling Quilled Treasures on my Etsy site - a selection of six or so themed items to create your own cards. The following was a "congrats" card, but wouldn't these make lovely announcements, with room for a photo inside?

And last - but *certainly* not least - my greatest passion, my dear Jamie and Adam's baby Max. I love being able to spend more time with Jamie now that she's on maternity leave, and cuddling this adorable little man. This is the bear Uncle Derek got him for Christmas, before he was born. Whenever he sees this bear, it'll remind him of his wonderful uncle!