Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is done...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had my dear kids here for brunch and we had a great day, lots of laughs and good food.

We all got Olympic Mittens from Grama and Granpa Cady - Jamie and I were game to wear ours but we had to convince Adam to join the picture. Derek insisted on just being the cameraman. So - we got this funny picture and were albe to send it to the grandparents to show we love our new mittens!!!

We had a theme this year for gifts amongst us it seems - all had to do with babies and soldiers, go figure!
My son the soldier made this Build-a-Bear for Jamie and Adam's little unborn boy. Of course, his name is G.I. Joe. Derek said he felt like a bit of a creep going into that store - hehehe.
Jamie and Adam wrote a book for the baby bean, called "My Uncle Wears Combat Boots". This book was Derek's gift from them - one copy for Derek and another for the baby.
The theme continues... I found a cute little camo fleece set for the baby. Derek got me a custom Starbucks card with "Grandma Heather" and a baby carriage on it. Jamie and Adam got me a wall tile that says "Grandma's make life more beautiful".
Yes, this baby is bringing lots of joy to his parents, his uncle and of course his Grandma long before he's even born!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more yarn

I finished the last scarf commissioned for Christmas last night - wahoo! I have one more to make for Sharon, but that can be after Christmas. Here are the latest confections. So now that I've got my name out there and used up some of my stash, the cost gets more realistic. I practically gave these away at the show for $10; I really need to sell for $20.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Two special orders done, both in the blue family. Both the same style, but the colour choices make such a difference.
I have four more to finish this week so they are done in time for Christmas gifts.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Sale

Here are all the photos I took at today's sale:

That's right, I left my camera at home on the counter. With a freshly charged battery. So much for taking photos of my table once it was set up! The sale actually went pretty well in spite of the weather. It was -30C today, yep that's damn chilly. And because of that weather --- the afterthought (take my crocheted scarves with me) ended up being the hit. Sold most plus have special orders for six more in time for christmas.

Over and out - time for bed early.