Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home sweet home...

... my home, my bed, my couch, my bathroom. Home...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the countdown is on

This time tomorrow I'll be getting ready to go for pre-op appointment. And 24 hours from now I'll be a patient. After going through the shock of being offered an earlier surgery date, I'm ready to go - let's just get it done! I'll be up and running again before summer, and able to plant my own flowers. I feel a vacation coming on - well deserved! Meantime, while I'm in the hospital, I hope Jamie brings me a big coke slurpee!

Derek is in Ireland - Dublin today, Belfast on Tuesday - St Patrick's Day - being joined by Sarah and Colin. Derek met some Irish college students who told him St. Paddy's is a tourist holiday and the only reason the locals go out is to show the tourists they can't be outdrank. Wonder how hard these three will try to make liars of the Irish...

Now, to use Derek's blogging style, things that I have learned:

- mothers and daughters will try and protect you from afar. My mama tells me to stay home and avoid all germs. My daughter tells me to have a bath and get enough rest.
- fathers worry more silently. Nuff said.
- exes worry too - offering anything at all needed. What can i get out of that.... (heehee)
- cleaning house before going to the hospital just like before going on vacation, is a feminine necessity!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wired for sound this morning...

... and don't know why! Perhaps the fact that I slept through the night for the first time in many months. Like a rock. Wow.

Today is all about catching up on paying bills and sorting paperwork and trying to find the surface of my coffee table. I think it's dark brown under it all, we shall soon see! I go to bed each night with the resolve to get things done the next day, but lately it's been mostly couch time. Today I woke up feeling good (what a novelty lately), have my list in hand, and I'm ready to go.

Meanwhile, as I'm doing that work-type stuff, Derek is on a Loch Ness tour looking for Nessie herself. If he postes this pic on his blog, don't believe him if he tries to say he took it!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian Living : Crafts : Crochet : Easy-to-crochet striped bag

Here's a nice-looking crochet bag. I have alot of logo bags that were freebies, but considering I'm a crafter, i should be carrying my stuff in a bag I've made. I like this stripy bag... and it could be very funky using some of my crazy stash yarns. I'm thinking it would make a good library bag for one... and easy peasy to make.


Something new to keep me amused during recovery - a craft I can do while vegging on the couch. When I'm tired of crocheting, I can bead!

Here's my first attempt. Kari suggested I switch the smaller bead strand to the middle, which I did, and that made all the difference in finishing it off.

Not a bad first attempt.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Now how the hell did that happen? I just turned 49! I know alot of people lie about their age, but I figure I'd rather have them say I look great for 49 than I look old for 39. I felt loved all the people I heard from yesterday. Many birthday wishes, thanks to all. Mom asked about the weather - yes, it was a stormy winter day just like when I was born all those years ago.

Highlights of the day were:
1. Jamie and Adam - thanks for making me dinner and bringing cake. Derek - I had your piece of cake for breakfast this morning!
2. Derek - phoned and sang Happy Birthday. We had a nice visit, and he's having a great time in the UK. Today Scotland, Saturday Ireland.

Now watch out 50 - let the planning begin

Friday, March 6, 2009

In a word...

Exhaustion. Need I say more?

Big changes coming, and it's a good thing - onward and upward with my health, Here's to feeling great by the summer!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Two more sleeps. Then Derek leaves for Europe for 12 weeks. What a trip it will be!
I have gained for his trip as well. My basement is full of the makings of his entire apartment, and my guest room is full of... well, Derek!

England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France... and the list goes on. I am looking forward to the many pictures and updates - I'll be following his Blog "Backpack and an iPod" regularly.